It’s for all who want more than fluffy ideas and warm feelings! If you do a Google image search for “spiritual direction” you’ll find a bunch of mystical, soft-edged pictures of people in very pious poses, activities and locations. There are symbols and typology galore, all with deep implications and transcendent meanings intended! Not that any of that’s bad, but it’s just not always very helpful. Much of it isn’t very masculine either, but then, guys never ask for directions or help, right? Let’s be honest, sometimes religion and Christianity seems more ethereal than tangible, more unreachable than accessible, more delicate and pretty than masculine and handy, more distasteful and unhelpful then attractive and interesting and useful!

So who is spiritual direction for? Well, it’s for all who’re interested in learning to live well! Said another way, it’s for anyone willing and ready for a breakthrough that leads to change (transformation). All who are up to doing the work needed to remove barriers that restrict and contaminate their relationship with God, others and self. In other words, spiritual direction is designed to build something new. The road to get there may require tearing down something old, renewing something lost, remodeling something outdated and unhelpful, improving something defective, and fixing what is broken. It’s for anyone that’s looking for real and lasting change in their lives, and is willing to ask God for it. If you want a religion that’s safe, that stays out of your way, that’s more heart-warming than life-altering, stay away from God and spiritual direction!

Spiritual direction is for people coming from two different places:

Spiritual Tune-up = People who’s lives are going well and are seeking a spiritual tune-up to make sure it stays that way.

Spiritual Truth = People who’s lives aren’t going so well and are seeking spiritual truth to make sure it doesn’t stay that way!

Spiritual direction is designed to help people – who want more from life and their faith – break through, lighten their load, and draw closer to Him. That’s the way to a satisfying life. And it can’t help but improve you relationships in, and the quality of, your whole life!

Disclaimer: Remember that being satisfied and fulfilled in life is not equivalent to having no struggles or challenges or disappointments! Learning to live involves fighting, persistence, courage, and conviction.

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