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First things first!  You must register your party.



Download Printable Instructions

[accordion collapse=”yes”] [panel title=” 1. You must register your party within 24 hours of receiving your Party Packet! ” ] First things first!  You must register your party.  Click here and submit the form! [/panel] [panel title=” Begin to pray for your neighbors and your party. ” ] Be sure to cover your party in prayer.  The Holy Spirit has a plan for you and those you know.  Prayer changes things! [/panel] [panel title=” 3. Weeks of August 3 – August 31:  ” ]

Fill out the flyers with information / Pass out invitations / Invite your neighbors!

o Don’t just drop your invites in mailboxes! Knock on doors and have a conversation (be excited)!

o Communicate 3 things: “Having a Party”, “Here’s Where”, & “Here’s Why!”

[/panel] [panel title=” 4. Weeks of August 10 & August 17: ” ]

Be Outside Often & Interact with Neighbors

o Put your poster out at the party location so that people know where your party will happen

o Encourage neighbors and co-workers to be collecting cans & other non-perishables.

o Follow up with anyone who has not RSVP’d.

o Reply to anyone who has e-mailed or called you, & remind them about the party!

Plan Your Party

o Make sure you have music of some kind (it makes a huge difference in creating an environment)!

Possible Playlists (doesn’t have to be all Christian music): Jack Johnson, Chris Daughtry, David Cook,The Fray, Jordan Sparks, U2, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, etc. (Use your best judgment & have fun!)

o Get Your Supplies: If feeding guests, consider: plates, cups, napkins, utensils, meat, buns, side dishes,chips, desserts, condiments, propane (if grilling), ice, drinks (please do not provide alcohol).

o If the party is at your house, be sure to clean up your home (inside & out)!

o Have boxes ready to collect cans!

[/panel] [panel title=” 5. Day of the Party, August 31-September 6: ” ]

o Set up for your party 2 hours before it begins (turn on music, create buffet line, put out TRA Invitation Cards, set boxes out for cans, etc.)

o As your guests arrive, have them fill out the sign-in sheet with all of their information!

o During the party: Have a great time, get to know your neighbors, & take 5 minutes when people are finishing up their meal to say 4 things:

1. Thank them for coming!

2. Explain the vision for why Two Rivers Assembly hosts this event. Talk about our heart for empowering the forsaken and impoverished children of Broome County!

3. Talk about the goal of 25 parties all over Broome County and a total goal of 5,000 cans for Kids!

4. Let them know you have invitation cards to TRA, and invite them to come to church with you on September 7th to see what 5,000 cans looks like!!!

[/panel] [panel title=” 6. Sunday, September 7th” ]

o Bring all of the collected cans (in boxes) from your party to Two Rivers Assembly! Be sure to include the count card with your party name and number of cans you collected! (For multi-packs, count the # of cans inside the pack, and count jumbo cans as 2 cans!).

o Can drop off will be available 30 minutes prior to service – Sunday 9:30a – 10:00a.

o Wear your ImpACT T-shirt to service!

[/panel] [panel title=” 7. The Day After Your Party ” ]

o Fill out Thank You Cards / “God @ the Movies” Invitations for your Party Guests.

o Hand/mail them out! These are time sensitive because you’re inviting them to our “God @ the Movies” Series September 7th – September 28th!

[/panel] [/accordion]


E-mail and we will do our best to help out!