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What we do in life is more important than what we do at church.  God’s desires each of us to serve and lead others beyond what occurs on Sunday and Friday night.  Deeper in life is designed to equip you to live out God’s plan throughout the rest of the week. 

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Extraordinary people together doing unprecedented things!  After discovering some of your unique abilities in our NEXT STEP class we will give you opportunity to use your gifts to serve others in ministries in and out of the church.  We are transformed as we serve to transform the world around us.  

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tGroups are small groups of people who meet together on a regular basis. They are drawn together by common interests, a specific topic or activity, or a particular demographic.

In addition to offering a place of gathering for similar interests, our tGroups also offer a place of community and spiritual growth. So, whether you are reading through a Bible Study together, serving with one of our World Transformation projects, or sharing a common interest, our tGroups offer a safe place for growth.    

Learn more about tGroups here.

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Leadership is a process of development that is open to anyone willing to embark on the journey.  At Two Rivers, we believe leadership development is best accomplished through relationships. Both with those you lead and those who lead you. Our mentor based leadership process creates a pathway for potential leaders to be identified and developed. Being invited into a leadership role can occur as development progresses. Essentially, the leadership process will serve to help you grow from impacting a circle of friends to impacting a community for the cause of Christ.  

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